The feeling of satisfaction.

whoa. the feeling of satisfaction when all your diy-ed stuffs are prepared as its planned.  

My DIY-ed bunga pahar looks so gorgeously in the box waiting to hang on its stand. 

Lawakan? Cheh puji sendiri.

I diy-ed my bunga rampai casings and also my hantaran tray. Well, these with the help of my mum, sister, cousins and aunt. So satisfy with the outcome. Shall upload it after the wedding. 

FOUR DAYS. Or shall i say 3 days (not counting the day itself) to the wedding. Hmm. No feeling of nervous yet. Still cool and chillax. I just can’t eait to go BALI for honey-vacay lah!

Hehehe. Will write up soon. Going to do the final fitting in few minutes time! Wassalam! 


mak oii. 

Can anyone tell me how much does your mak andam asks for the duit kipas nowadays? I was told that it was this amount that i find it a little too much. Ye lah, we paid for bridal for this big amount.. And i thought duit kipas is like duit upah. But then again, im not sure if thats the market price. 

So anyone? Knows what the price nowadays?


Of cos. Since the wedding are paid by both of us and that, it is a whole lot of money.. I was thinking of doing some things by myself or with the help of my aunts and relative.

Last week, i went to SKP @ Jurong East to buy the casings for the bunga rampai. There were whole lot of shapes and sizes. Initially, i though of buying round containers, similarly like a plastic cup but i was torn of choosing the square and round ones!

Well, i thought of buying the round ones cos it seems the square ones was kinda common. But my aunt said, the square ones can be decorated into many designs. I was so torn on choosing which shape so i stood ard the shop for like 30 minutes just to confirm the shape.

Below are some shots taken at the shop.




And yessss. After much procrastination, I bought the squared ones. It costs me less than $15 for 25 of it.


I am trying to get as much ideas and mixed it and come out with something fresh and maybe nice.

Here are some of the bunga rampai designs:




well I love this idea! The sireh plus the red rose with the daun pandan!

sure smells damn nice! Now, i’ll just need to come out with some designs!

Can’t wait!

Panic for the invitations!


My wedding is for 1000pax. And already printed 500 cards. My DAD is putting the card on fb and tagging people on it at the same time giving out cards!

I am obviously worried! Even tho the caterer did say that they normally cook for more than 1K… But tak semestinya go and randomly tag people kan kan??

Aduiii. How ah? How ah?

Vendors Checked!


#wefie was first taken in the carlsberg (back then) sky tower in sentosa, March 2010. And we were on our first ever date!

Since it is now down to 50 days left!

I think, this is the time I should ensure that all are in place. So my dear BTBs you may tell me what i am lacking. fuhh.


Catering and Decor : Fizita Eventz (left with final meet up to confirm all the necessary arrangements such as decor touches).

Bridal : Chinta Weddings (left with Final Fitting!)

Favors/door gifts : Divine Favorz from FB (for both adults and kids)

Entertainment: MIS Entertainment ( final meeting soon to confirm itinerary)

Kompang: Nurul Iman Connectionz (final meeting done!)

Transportation: In the process

Hantarans: left to buy 1 more items and im done!

Hantaran Trays: DIY (DONE)

Sireh Dara: DIY

Bunga Rampai: DIY

Bunga Pahar: DIY

Photo-grapher: R’s Friend

Video-grapher: K’s Friend

Invitation Card: Thong Seng (Distribution, next week onward)

Henna: hennabyameerah (adornedsg)

Wedding Cake: R’s Friend

Photo booth: CandidshotS^ (left with frame designs)

Pre/Post Wedding Photo-shoot: Miosa Couture and NynaK Pictography

Pre-marriage course: SPMC (DONE)

Other miscellaneous things such as itineraries, bridesmaid’s checklists, guestbook and decorations, money boxes, signage for the wedding are still on the way.

I am also currently planning my own Henna party but since i am still schooling, I am just worried that the party that i am going to have might clash with my lecture. So for that, i need to wait till I know my schedule for that week!

Having henna party sounds like fun kan? Imagine all your best buddies and all your female cousins, aunties all under one roof, makes the party a little bit more kecoh. And i thought I would want to set up a mini photo booth, using DIY props.

simple photobooth

Macam best eh? with foods and all. wahh tak sabar to plan! And hopefully it is still in my budget.

I’ve yet to survey a king-queen sized bed for my room. Im so used to sleeping on a single bed. Takot plak rigid sleeping on bigger sized bed. Oh wells!

I felt like i’ve got more to prepare but actually, i couldn’t think of any. Weird!

Anyways.. Soon.. It is gonna be.. Left with 25 days! Confirm kecoh!

Orang2 kuat UNITE!

I was so excited and happy when i saw our photoshoot photos online. All credits to one of our ex-btb, Amalina whom is also my secondary schoolmate.

Actually i won a free photoshoot fr her aka NynaK Pictography but i thought of saving it later for my sister’s birthday shoot. I was thinking, why not have a photoshoot with all the orang orang kuats? Mesti lawa kan! and they can know each other better.

And Amalina suddenly came out with a starter promo.


apa lagi kan? I whatsapped her and asked her for the quotation of 12 people for the shoot. I informed K and the orang2 kuats that we are gonna have a photo shoot. And all agree to it. So after confirming the dates and all, ape lagi all kecoh ah. Questions like what to wear, whats our theme, what is our head accessories an many more lah! and since the girl’s baju were not ready, they all met up and went to buy a sedondon baju kurung for themselves.

So last week was our photo shoot and we had a great time bonding with the orang2 kuats. I had a maid of honor (my younger sister) 4 bridesmaids ( 2 of which are my childhood girlfriends and 2 were my close ex colleagues) whereas K had his best man ( his elder brother) and 4 groomsmen (ex colleagues). Just FYI, ex-colleagues because K and I met at our old workplace ah.

It was hot and sunny at botanic gardens. And our theme was KAMPONG or MALAY style. So we had props like batu serembat, chapteh, tikar, hand fan and traditional kuihs. There were 4 photographers including Amalina and if i am not mistaken, amalina did a collaboation with other photgraphers as well from 4LenzFotoZurag (can look them up on FB) or are they together? Confuse jap.

And they were all fun and easy to work with. But on that day, the best man was sick and 1 of the groomsmen were overseas. K was abit stressed cos he knew that im gonna flip. So he called up some of his friends and managed to find replacements.

I was so blessed that all 12 of us could bond really well and it was as if we were friends for years! and the sneak peak came out pretty and cool! come i let you all see some sneaks ok!

photoshoot 3    photoshoot 4photshoot 1


cantik kan! hansem kan the boys! My jaw dropped the moment i saw the boys walked out together from the toilet is their full gear. And while we were posing here and there, there were alot of tourists and we were like a walking model in our baju kurongs and we were taking photos with them.

I still cannot wait for the weekends to see the rest of the photos!

dua bulan hingga bulan madu

I am amazed at how fast time flies! tup tup tup! Im left with two months till the #rosekhalilweds wedding!

So far things have been going on rather smoothly. Alhamdulillah.

On the first sunday of January, K and I went for a short road trip to.. Larkin. We went to survey places to do our wedding invitation cards. And since we went it by public (cos the fiance is not brave enough to ride in to JB) We wanted to make a fast trip there.

When we reached Larkin, We straight away went to the 2nd floor and visited Thong Seng.

thong seng

kad 2

They had varieties of invitation card samples and the cards comes with a cream colored envelopes. Being us, wanting to get things done fast, we quickly chose one of the design, fill up some forms and pay the deposit. VOILA! done baybeh!

Oh and to those who wants to do their wedding invitation cards at JB or overseas, make sure you already have those important details, like.

1. the address of your venue (if its not at your home address, like a CC)

2. the nearest interchange

3. the nearest bus stop and which buses

4. the template that you want it to be

5. If your wedding are combined like mine, then decide whose details on which side of the card

6. the timing of your reception

you do not need to cut out a map of your venue to them since they have access to the map. Its better to get all the details prepared, cos when K and I were there, we did not know which bus goes to our venue. The shop owner does not even have internet or wifi. All they had was a map guide book. So be prepared okay!

Aunty Choo (owner, i think) told us that the draft will be ready in a week’s time. So the following week, i made a call to her shop and she said she will ‘whatsapped’ the draft tonight. But to no avail.

So the next day, we made a trip in to JB and she showed us the draft. Its like so surreal to see your name on a wedding invitation card tau! happy!

but of cos lah, nasib we went over to Larkin, cos there were some mistakes on it. Like instead of 21st March 2015 it became 21th March 2015 or 1230-1830pm instead of 1230hrs-1830hrs. I had to be anal on such details lah. Kahwin sekali je pe! Betul tak?

Aunty Choo also told us the cards will be ready on the 25th! so tak sabah ni! And once i receive the cards, we gonna be busy moving around, contacting people and frequent visits to the post office.

I am so looking forward!

Cinta Abadi

Ape lagi kan? Our pre-marriage course.

I heard some BTBs said that the course is not compulsory and it is okay to not attend any. But K told me to just attend it, mana lah tau we will learn something new.

so two weeks ago, K told me to find any centre or organizations that conducts the course this month. So since it was kinda last minute, I booked SPMC for 27th and 28th December which was held in the National Library and made the payment.

I went with the  of GO JER/ Get it done and over with attitude ah. But the moment i sat in and listened to the educator, Mr Omar.
i was like, this is interesting. And i didnt know that the amount that we paid for the courses also includes 3 meals a day.

It was kinda awkward at first to attend a seminar with your partner but sat seperately. But after awhile, it was okay.

our educator was funny and great.

Well, I didn’t make any friends but i met a vietnamese woman who converted to Islam.

The course was overall interesting and well for me, I’ve learnt alot. It’s so funny that the guys/our partners are really really interested and active when it comes to the sex & intimacy topic. Bukan main lagi. And you know guys being guys. Macam macam soalan di tanya.

My favorite part of the whole course was the times that the we exchange the textbooks and writing the answers on our partner’s book. It is interesting to see your partner’s reply and sometimes you have that ‘awwwwhh’ feeling when reading them.



Well, overall. It’s a good experience and yes, I’ve learnt alot.

Now that one is off the list, I am getting more excited for THE day. But i’ve just got one tinny mini problem. GUESS WHAT?

WE HAVEN’T BOOK OUR WEDDING INVITATION CARDS LAH DEEEYYY! hahahaha. Prolly gonna do that end of this week or next week.

The new year is just few hours from now. And then i am left with less than 3 months. fuuhhh.

till then!